Frequently Asked Questions

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Setting up your MobiExchange account to work with your NationBuilder account is an easy two step process.

In Step One you will add MobieExchange to your NationBuilder account.

In Step Two you will register on MobieExchange and provide MobieExchange access to your NationBuilder Lists.


  • Login to your NationBuilder account
  • Select SETTINGS in the left side navigation 
  • Select APP in the top navigation
  • Select INSTALL NEW APP and find MOBIEEXCHANGE in the list
  • Keep the tab open with NationBuilder


  • Open a new tab or window in your browser and go to
  • Select LOGIN in the upper right
  • Fill out the MobieExchange registration form, 
  • Select REGISTER
  • In the new window select AUTHORIZE APPLICATION

Your MobieExchange and NationBuilder accounts are now connect and you are ready to run a digital advertising campaign.

There are three steps to launching a campaign on MobieExchange using your NationBuilder lists.


  • STEP ONE: Add your NationBuilder lists to MobieExchange. Details below in UPLOADING LISTS
  • STEP TWO: Upload your creatives (aka advertisments) to MobieExchange. Details below in CREATIVES.
  • STEP THREE: Setup your MobieExchange campaign. Details below in CAMPAIGN SETUP


  • Select LISTS in left hand navigatiion
  • Select ADD NEW LISTS button
  • From the drop down menu in new window find the name of the list you want to use to target your campaign.
  • Select SAVE

Your new lists will have one of three status

  • "Queued" : the system is still checking your NationBuilder lists and it is not ready for a campaign
  • "Approved": the list has been checked and is ready to use in a campaign
  • "Issues": we cannot use the list. Please request reason from support

Depending on size of lists, it may take a while to approve. Refresh your browser to check status.


Creative refers to the advertisments that will be sent to your customers 

  • Select ADD
  • Fill out form in new window and SAVE. 
  • Your creative is now avaiable to be used in a campaign
  • See Creative Specs for more information in the sizes and limits for Creative art.


  • Select CAMPAIGN
  • Enter Campaign Name. Select NEXT
  • Enter Start/End - Date/Time for your campaign
  • In LISTS, type the name of the NationBuilder List you already uploaded. You can have more than one list used in a campaign.
  • Costs for the campaign will be calculated and shown once your lists is added.
  • Select NEXT and make payment for the campaign. All campaign must be prepaid befoe launch


End TIme: Select and enter  date/time campaign will end

NationBuilder Lists: This is the NationBuilder List(s) that will be used to target this campaign. Begin to type the name of the NationBuilder List and select it when it appears in the drop down menu. You can add as many NationBuilder Lists to a campaign as you like.

Costs: this is the costs to run the campaign. It is automatically calculated. If "Still processing audiences!" this means the NationBuilder List is not ready to be used on the campaign and costs cannot be calculated nor can the campaign launch. 


Fill out Billing Information

We use Paypal for all payments which accepts all major credit cards.

MobieExchange accepts banner ads and videos


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Dimension Name Size
300x250 Inline Rectangle 150 KB
300x600 Half-Page Ad 150 KB
320x50 Mobile leaderboard 150 KB
160x600 Wide Skyscraper 150 KB
728x90 Leaderboard 150 KB



To run a video ad you must provide a link to your video ad server. A link to YouTube video will NOT work. Refer to your ad server for size limits on video ads

A DSP stands for Demand Side Platform and is a programatic solution to bid for a placement on media to deliver an ad to.

An audience is a way to instruct the DSP bidding process to focus only on delivering ADs to devices that meet a certain criteria.  

A creative is the ad served to users on a webpage, app, or other digital environment.

A campaign is a way to reach a specific audeince of people with creative ads during a certain time period and is typicall part of the execution of a marketing strategy across digital channels where consumers engage with a brand, usually for the purpose of improving a it's conversion rate.